I just uploaded a number of new images to the Landscape section, thanks to András Szorbay and Kuno Gross for the wonderful pictures. The Faces section is also finally starting to shape up.

Well, as if I ever was finished with anything...upon reviewing the completed Vehicles section, I realized it had become way too bloated for a single-page layout, loading the page on a slow connection took forever. The complete section has been reorganized for (hopefully) easier navigation, quite an amount of information has been added. Now to tackle that faces section...

After almost half a year without any major updates to my site, I am proud to announce that the Vehicles section is the first section on this site that is officially completed - lots of new descriptions have been added, a number of errors have been fixed, the whole page has been reorganized as to be (hopefully) more logically structured. I also added a second page to the section with general information on patrol structures, camouflage schemes etc. - at the moment, only the part on camouflage patterns is done, but I am confident it will be finished soon.
A major update to the "Faces" and "History" sections is under way - in a couple of days, these pages should contain a bit more information than under construction notices :)

It's been pretty quiet around the site during the past months, a number of things happened that kept me occupied - see newsletter for further details. Since I am in the process of moving, my modelling work is put on hold for a while until I am finally established in my new quarters. I found the time to upload a number of updates to the site, though:
  • I finally managed to fix an issue that caused Gecko engine browsers to render the front page incorrectly. Some minor design issues here and there have been fixed to increase browser compatibility.
  • I discovered a number of new LRDG model kits, check them out here .
  • A new section, Landscape , has been added, containing a map of Libya and some random images of locations in the desert. If there is anything you want to see there, or if you have pictures from your own desert travels you'd like to see added, feel free to contact me .
  • The  links section has been completely redone - most of the information there was pretty outdated by now.
  • The vehicles and  history sections are under major reconstrution at the moment - nothing new to see there, but major updates are under way.

Some of you might have noticed already that the front page has been changed in light of recent events...

Added a Glossary of common WW2 era military terms and abbreviations, plus added Google site search .

I finally got enough disk space to upload a number of things that have been sitting on my home harddrive for some weeks. The Vehicles section has been substantially expanded (with many more pictures and descriptions for almost all the vehicles), and a new section, Faces , has been added - at the moment, it only consits of a list of names and photos of important people in LRDG history; concise biographies of these people will be added over time. Work on my diorama is continuing - the landscape and buildings are mostly finished now. Expect a couple of new pictures this weekend.

Extensive update to the vehicles section (as well as one or two new sections) coming in the next few days, updates are mostly finished, but at the moment, I don't have enough server space to upload all the new images. So for the time being, just some small updates here , here and here .

Sorry about the lack of diorama pictures yesterday, my Ultra-Hightech camera will only produce barely recognizable pictures in the most ideal light condition, meaning I have a time window of about one hour every day during which I can take pictures (and during which I am usually at work). So, until I can afford a better camera, I can take much fewer pics than I would like to...anyway, I just posted a couple of pics, more to follow. I have some changes up my sleeves for this site that will greatly increase its research value, stay tuned for updates...

Sorry for the long time since the last update, I have been pretty busy with a number of things totally unrelated to this site...anyway, on to the news:

  • I don't know how many people pointed out to me that I accidentaly put "Australians" instead of "New Zealanders" in the description of Brendan O'Carroll's book . It's fixed now, so stop complaining :)
  • Added a "wanted" section for stuff I am still trying to locate.
  • Apparently, the US English release of Internet Explorer has a problem with German umlauts in file names; some pictures that did not show up in IE have been renamed (it's such a hassle to keep up with bugs in all browser releases, but I try to live up to the any browser claim :)
  • I finally managed to locate a 20mm model of the Ford F30; it's available from Britannia in case anyone is interested (they also have a model of the Lancia 6-tonner that was shortly used by Heavy Section after some of these trucks were captured).
  • The Models section has been updated - now has some pictures and information on the kits.
  • And, best of all, not only have I managed to bring my digital camera back to life with some desperate surgery, I also found the time to finally start in earnest with my diorama project ; check out the first pictures here .
  • And yes, there *is* going to be an update to the history section soon. Trust me.

Added "click here" to index page since it seemed to confuse many people :)
Many new images in the vehicles section, a new link to an excellent collection of LRDG photos and some minor fixes here and there...

Lots of descriptions added to the books section, project section completely reworked

Vehicles section is continuing to grow, history section finally has some content :)

Added images to the books section, vehicles section is starting to shape up

Non-Framed version now available for you Lynx types

Forum now active...drop by and leave a note

*whew* site is finally online...many things still to be done...

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