The Libyan Landscape

Map of North Africa (huge Picture)

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A few notes on the map:

Images of various locations in Libya and Egypt

Images by András Szorbay
More of András's wonderful images, as well as lots of information on his desert expeditions, can be found on his homepage.

The Wau Namus Crater

Another view of the crater area

In the Karkur Idriss area

Near Kufra

The Djebel Uweinat

In the Gilf Kebir

Wreck of a White truck in the Gilf Kebir - this could be a truck used by LRDG's Heavy Section

LRDG rum jar, found near Wadi Sora

Images by Kuno Gross

The War Cemetery at Benghazi

Italian Fort at El Agheila

Remnants of the Italian Fort at Msus (Southeast of Benghazi)

Fuel Dump near Msus

Remnants of a Willy's Jeep near the Buerat mine field

Bren magazine, found near Msus

Remnants of the Fortifications at Ngem

The same fortifications a couple of years earlier, with LRDG trucks in place

The Italian Fort at Jalo

Desert near Jalo

Near the former location of Marble Arch - this is the area where LRDG held most of its road watches

This might be a remnant of Marble Arch (which was blown up some time in the 1960s)

What is left of an Italian M13/40 tank

Another battered M13 tank

Images by Carlos Didelet

Landscape in the Fezzan

Near Siwa Oasis

The Kalansho Sand Sea

More endless sand in the Kalansho Sand Sea

Near Easy Ascent

Images from various sources

Bizarre landscape near Kufra

Ruins of the old town in Siwa

Siwa Oasis

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