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Plastic model kits / Resin Kits / Wargaming miniatures

Plastic model kits
At the time of writing, both these kits are out of production. While the Tamiya kit is still in stock at various retailers (and frequently appears on eBay), the Matchbox kit is almost  impossible to find in Europe. At the moment, squadron (and possibly several others) in the US still has some of these kits in stock.

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Resin Kits
These are some very fine Resin models of LRDG vehicles. Pictures coming soon.

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Wargaming miniatures
If you're used to building high quality plastic model kits, the first impression of a 20mm gaming miniature will probably disappoint you - these models aren't designed to look good but to be moved around on the table and live through it. However, with some filing and reworking, some of them make great additions to diorama scenes. (A note on scaling: wargaming models are usually scaled by figure size. Thus, a 20mm model is roughly 1/76 scale, a 25mm one roughly 1/64 scale, etc). back to top

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