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I am currently working on a 1/76 scale diorama depicting an LRDG base camp in late 1942 (although I took the liberty to include a WB Chevrolet and a Ford F30, both of which were no longer in service at that time). Although the whole thing is far from being completed, you will already find a number of images of my work in progress, as well as general information about LRDG model kits.

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This drawing will give you a general impression of the layout of the whole diorama scene; original size is 80x40cm

S - Stable, now used as a workshop by LRDG
B - House
1 - A parked Chevy WB (T patrol), converted from a Raventhorpe 15cwt Chevy
2 - Matchbox Chevy (T Patrol) converted to wireless truck, with Alemany radio operator
3 - Matchbox Chevy (T Patrol) under repair, with opened hood and engine
4 - Britannia Ford F30 (T Patrol) being finished up by a repair crew
5-8 - Part of G Patrol taking off to the desert, with their characteristic pink/blue camouflage scheme
5 - Matchbox Willy's Jeep
6 - Matchbox Chevy, with Britannia Browning .50cal
7 - Britannia Chevy w/Boyse Antitank Rifle
8 - Matchbox Chevy fitted with Raventhorpe Breda gun
9 - Medical Staff 15cwt Chevy, converted from the Raventhorpe Chevy
10 - Matchbox Jeep (T Patrol)
11 - WACO Biplane (scratchbuilt, using some parts from the RPM 1/72 Slepak PWS-26)
12 - A group of Senussi Arabs coming in on their camels
13 - some LRDG troopers brewing up

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