Alphabetical index of military terms and abbreviations that are often found in WW2 era texts

A/A - Anti-Aircraft

A/T - Anti-Tank

ack-ack - Initially an English transliteration of the German "Acht-Acht" (the German 88mm Flak gun), it became a common term for anti-aircraft guns

AP - Armour-Piercing (type of ammunition)

AFV - Armoured Fighting Vehicle (tanks or armoured cars)

AV - Armoured Vehicle (non-armed, like a troop carrier or scout vehicle)

cwt - Hundredweight, a unit of weight equalling 100 pounds (American, about 45kg) or 112 pounds (British, about 50kg). When applied to vehicles, it denotes the payload of a truck.

Flak - German abbreviation for "Flugabwehrkanone", anti-aircraft gun

GHQ - General Headquarters (in the LRDG context, usually GHQ/ME, General Headquarters Middle East, located in Cairo)

HE - High Explosive (type of ammunition)

HQ - Headquarters

Incendiary - A type of ammunition that carries a small amount of gasoline in the shell that ignites upon impact

Jerrycan - British nickname for the German petrol cans, a design so well-thought out that they were copied by both British and Americans

MO - Medical Officer (or Medical Orderly)

M&V - Meat and Vegetables, British army rations

Non vi sed arte - Not by force, by guile - LRDG's motto, attributed to Frank Edmundsun

NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer

OC - Officer in Command

POW - Prisoner of War

R/V - Rendezvous

Stuka - German abbreviation for "Sturzkampfbomber", dive bomber. Nickname of the German Ju-87 dive bomber

Tracer - A type of ammunition that leaves a smoke trail when fired, giving a visual indication of the shell's trajectory (and thus, the gunner's aim), but forsaking any explosive or incendiary payloads

W/T - Wireless transmission (radio)

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