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These are the books on LRDG I am still missing. I was able to locate most of them via bookfinder, but they are prohibitively expensive (especially the two volumes by Ralph Bagnold). If you have one of these available for a reasonable price, please let me know. back to top

I finally decided to order my missing Matchbox kits from squadron, although this was an expensive idea (the models were manufactured here in Germany and sold for approximately US$6 in German shops, re-importing from the states with transatlantic shipping and import tax made me pay about US$20 for each kit - ridiculous).

Some things I am still looking for are models of the Ford CMP F60, the Ford Marmon Herrington 6-tonner and the White 10-tonner (preferably in 1/76, but 1/72 or 20mm would also work). Any help appreciated.

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After buying every single book available and visiting dozens of websites, there are still a number of things I would need a good photo of. If you have any of these, please send them along. back to top

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