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Heavy Section

The responsibilities of Heavy Section were the transport of large amounts of supplies from Cairo to outlying base camps and the stocking of supply dumps in the middle of the desert to effectively enlarge the patrols' range. The Section's achievements are quite astonishing: after relatively short training periods, drivers routinely crossed terrain that only a few years before had been considered impassable to all but the lightest vehicles in huge 6- to 10-ton trucks. The Section's overall capacity increased from originally 40 tons to well over 100 tons at the end of the African campaign, highlighting the importance of carrying supplies to the often-changing LRDG camp locations.
As the available literature almost exclusively focusses on patrol cars, detailed information on and images of vehicles used by Heavy Section are hard to come by.

These are various images of the vehicles employed by Heavy Section:

The Ford F60 with the earlier No.12 cab, a small but reliable vehicle

A number of No.13 cab Ford CMPs of various wheelbases at Bisharra. The vehicle to the left might be a Mack truck.

This mysterious Ford F60 is supposed to be on display somewhere in Libya and might be an ex-LRDG vehicle. Feel free to tell me more about it if you have any information.

The Marmon Herrington 6-tonner

A Marmon Herrington bogged down in soft sand. Despite the vehicle's weight, its six-wheel drive made it comparatively easy to get it going again.

A White 10-tonner, the heaviest vehicle ever used by LRDG

Two captured Italian Lancia trucks. These were shortly used by Heavy Section after being captured at Jalo, but most of them were abandoned or destroyed when LRDG had to move out of Jalo before the German's advance.

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Royal Artillery Section

From the earliest days of LRDG, there had been various attempts to equip patrols with more firepower than was provided by the 37mm Bofors A/T gun. As a result, March 1941 saw the addition of the Royal Artillery Section to LRDG, the section consisting of an infantry gun porteed on a Mack truck and a light tank and commanded by Paul 'Blitz' Eitzen. The Section was used only once in LRDG's attack on the Italian fort at Gtafia. While the heavy artillery proved to be very effective against the Italian fortifications, transporting the heavy guns through the desert proved to be pretty difficult - the truck constantly bogged down and slowed the whole patrol, on the way back it finally broke down and had to be abandoned. After this short episode, the whole concept of carrying around heavy field guns was judged faulty and the Section was disbanded.

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